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Dura-Bump: Manufacturers and Suppliers of Quality Traffic Calming Devices

Worker in factory busy manufacturing new speed bumps

Speed Bumps being manufactured at our factory in Cape Town

Dura-Bump is a manufacturer and supplier of traffic calming solutions for both commercial and residential use. Our traffic calming devices include our patented Yellow Speed Bumps, unique impact resilient Bollards and our revolutionary formulated super weather resistant fast bonding Dura-Epoxy.

Dura- Bump Speed Bumps installed at pedestrian crossing at a shopping centre

Effective use of speed bumps at a shopping centre

Dura-Bump was started in 2010 by director Konrad de Waal to address the current shortfalls in road safety. Tried and tested, our traffic calming measures have become the go-to products in the traffic safety industry for speed control and community safety.

Dura-Bump provides proudly South African products that are patented and manufactured in South Africa. Our Dura-Bump Speed Bumps are now used by many municipalities across South Africa. Other African and Middle Eastern countries are also using Dura-Bump® on their roads.

Throughout Africa, shopping centres, business parks, municipalities, residential and industrial areas and engineers are insisting upon Dura-Bump® Speed Bumps.

Dura-Bump® products are eco-Friendly and super easy to install. Our durable products are also maintenance free.

Road Deaths Reach National Crisis Proportions

The number of road-related deaths is set to surpass AIDS related deaths and this constitutes a “National Crisis” according to the AA, Minister of transport and various involved parties.

135 000 people died in South Africa due to traffic-related accidents the last 10 years of which 2016 and 2017 exceeded the 14 000 p.a. mark. Preliminary figures for 2018, released by Transport Minister Blade Nzimande suggest a 14% increase from the same periods the previous year.

Of these deaths 77% are contributed to the human factor (Jaywalking pedestrians 38%, followed by speed and then alcohol and sleep deprivation.) Road conditions are cited as the second main reason (16%). Lines and markings, or rather the lack thereof, potholes, etc are the main culprits.

The lack of Education among pedestrians and the general lawlessness towards traffic legislation, fueled by bribery of traffic officials are the main reasons contributed to the Human Factor.

The schools in affluent residential areas are protected by traffic calming zones mostly funded by the schools themselves. Proper traffic calming in the townships is seriously lacking. Protected pedestrian crossings are nearly non-existing in these poor areas, which lead to such a high number of fatal accidents, especially of those under 30!

According to “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of South African Fatal Road Accidents”, the high number of accidents on South African roads result in loss of human life, with associated pain, grief and suffering. It also has a negative effect on the well-being of South Africans and on South Africa’s socioeconomic development. More than 40% of those deceased were younger than 30 years of age.

The total cost of South African road traffic accidents in 2015 was estimated to be ZAR142.95 billion, which equates to 3.4% of South Africa’s gross domestic product (GDP). The average cost of accidents in similar countries is reported at only 2.2% of their GDP. South Africa’s economy is not only affected by the direct costs of accidents but also via the death toll itself, as the fatalities most often are the breadwinners of the households, which leaves the rest of the household members financially unattended.

Dura-Bump Speed Bumps for Effective Speed Control

The road fatality statistics (see Road Deaths reach National Crisis Proportions), only confirm that safe speed calming devices are needed to slow down traffic in certain densely populated and high-risk accident areas of public roads.

The problem with other types of road bumps on the market is that they don’t provide a comprehensive safe solution under dry and especially wet driving conditions. Considering how many vehicles are driving around with worn tyres, this is an extremely unsafe situation!

Residential. Speed-Bumps for effective speed control

Effective speed control in residential areas with Dura-Bump Speed Bumps

Dura-Bump is a speed bump manufacturer and supplier and have developed a product that is unrivaled for the harsh conditions in South Africa. Our speed bumps with its unique properties and design negate all the problems and act as the perfect speed breaker under any conditions.

Community Safety

Community safety is high on the priority list of municipalities across South Africa. In seeking a safer traffic calming solution, many municipalities have turned to Dura-Bump for peace of mind. Dura-Bump considers speed bump safety as its nr 1 priority.

The Dura-Bump Speed Bump not only enhances safety for pedestrians, drivers, passengers and vehicles, but also decreases maintenance for municipalities. Read more about this on our speed bumps page.

Dura-Bump Speed Bumps: Unique design makes it the perfect traffic calming solution

Vehicle tyre grips on Yellow Dura-Bump Speed Bumps

Vehicle Tyres grips on Dura-Bump Speed Bumps

Dura-Bump Speed Bumps are designed from a polyurethane epoxy mix. This composition ensures that tyres will grip on the speed bump. This unique traction properties, especially in wet conditions, makes it safe for vehicles, especially motorcycles and bicycles to drive over the speed bumps in wet conditions without slipping. Metal speed bumps are notorious for slipping and can cause serious accidents.

The unique composition in conjunction with the angle ensures maximum surface contact between the bump and tyre. The angle of approach and lack of traction with tar humps, metal bumps and other inferior products on the market at speed cause the vehicle to be airborne, albeit for a split second, depending on the speed. During this short time the driver's reaction is to jerk the steering wheel slightly. The front wheels contact the surface at a slight angle which may affect the wheel alignments.

Once Dura-Bumps are installed they are virtually maintenance free. Fitted with our special Dura-Bump Epoxy the bump bonds and forms a unit with the road surface where the traffic bump is fitted. That means that our traffic speed bumps will not come loose from the surface and create dangerous and unsafe driving conditions.

Dura-Bumps are extremely durable and can withstand the wear and tear of heavy-duty vehicles and high traffic volumes. This makes it the only heavy-duty speed bumps that are safe for use on public municipal roads. It can easily handle 35-ton trucks on a regular basis without incurring damage.

The bright yellow reflective colour of the Dura-Bump Speed Bump makes it highly visible, especially at night. Traditional speed humps lose their painted colours very quickly, due to tar flow in hot conditions, but mainly due due to the grinding effect.

Dura-Bump are designed not only with the safety of pedestrians, drivers and passengers in mind, but also the vehicle. Our speed bumps do not damage cars. It doesn’t damage the wheel alignment of a vehicle, neither does it cause any damage to a low-profile rim when driving over the road bumps at high speed.

Dura-Bump is designed with noise reduction in mind. Compared to other types of road speed bumps the reduction in noise is clearly audible. The unique traction properties of our speed bump further enhance noise reduction. Read more on our Dura-Bump Speed Bumps page.

Resilient Dura-Bollard

Yellow Pavement Bollards installed at a entrance of a business

Yellow Dura-Bollards installed on the pavement at a entrance of a business

Dura-Bump is a bollards manufacturer and supplier. Gone are the days of the old standard concrete bollards. Community safety and effective speed control are important considerations in the design of all our products.

Our Dura-Bump Bollard is impact resilient. The flexible Bollards with their polyurethane rubber design will absorb the impact of a vehicle crashing into it, decreasing the chances of death or serious injury.

Durable Dura-Epoxy

Dura-Epoxy Applied to the back of Yellow Dura-Bumps Speed Bumps

Dura-Epoxy applied to the back of Dura-Bump Speed Bumps by workers

Dura-Epoxy is used as special formulated adhesive for Dura-Bump products. This all-weather epoxy is extremely durable and can withstand extreme heat or wet weather conditions.

The great advantage in terms of safety is that it ensures that the speed bumps or bollards are fixed properly to the surface and won’t come loose even under intense heat and pressure. With bolted speed bumps, the bolts sometimes come loose making the speed bump unstable. Loose bumps and bolts that lie on the road can also create dangerous driving conditions.

Our Dura-Epoxy is a great improvement on Stud Epoxy that tends not to last. Dura-Epoxy is equally effective on cobblestone, paving and tar surfaces.

Dura-Bump® First choice for community safety

Dura-Bump® is an internationally sought after, environment friendly invention which introduces community safety through the world’s most advanced traffic calming solution.

More about our product

Say goodbye to traffic calming issues

With Dura-Bump® traffic calming problems are a thing of the past. You can now effectively have Dura-Bumps installed quickly, with minimal traffic disruption that are durable and maintenance free. Made from an Eco-Friendly proprietary poly-carbon blend, Dura-Bump® supports suspension and absorbs impact easily and safely making driving safer for people, vehicles and roads.


Our patented design improves the effectiveness as well as minimizing the destructive effects of current speed cautioning devices. Dura-Bumps are safer, durable and much easier to install than other traffic calming systems. Dura-Bump® is the only product approved by the public sector to replace tar bumps.and we are the sole supplier of the Dura-Bump® system

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I have installed Dura-Bumps in most of my security estates. Not only was the service amazing...the product itself is really a step a head in traffic calming technology and it looks great! Thanks!

Dura-Bump Customer 10th Nov 2016

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