Dura-Bump Speed Bumps

21st Nov 2016
Dura-Bump speed bumps installed across public road

Dura-Bump: A Synonymous Expression for Durable Speed Bumps

Dura-Bump speed bumps can easily handle heavy duty vehicles

Dura-Bump Speed Bumps easily handles a 1.3 ton truck

Our company’s name implies that our Speed Bumps are durable. That they are and so much more! They are the ideal Speed Breakers. They are designed for heavy trucks and heavy traffic without causing damage to vehicles or injury to passengers. Other speed bumps or speed humps are problematic and fail outright.

With the assistance of traffic engineers and top industrial designers, problems with speed breakers were identified. These were then addressed in our Dura-Bump design to suit our unique South African road, traffic and weather conditions. Subsequent road trials have even exceeded expectations, and our patented product is fast becoming the preferred traffic calming solution used by municipalities. In a nutshell; our robust and cost-effective speed bump increases productivity, reduces damage to vehicles and most importantly saves countless extra lives.!!

Why do we need traffic calming solutions?

Wherever vehicles and people are in close proximity, there will always be a need for traffic calming solutions. According to Arrive Alive, traffic calming is necessitated by too high speed, pedestrian/vehicle conflict, reckless driving and the impact on safety and quality of live.

The objectives of traffic calming are:

  • To reduce speed and increase road safety.
  • To decrease pedestrian/vehicle conflict.
  • To reduce the number of vehicles.
  • To increase the quality of life with the logic being that fewer vehicles cause less irritation.

Near schools, playgrounds, in parking lots and multi-use areas, pedestrians are always at risk from aggressive drivers. Speed reduction is necessary in these areas to protect our youth and other pedestrians. Speed zones are often set up to slow down traffic in these areas, but the likelihood is always there that they are not visible or just ignored by drivers. Visibility is of utmost importance. That is why physical and vertical obstacles like speed humps or bumps are used in traffic control. They help to encourage safe driving in pedestrian zones.

The Advantages of using Dura-Bump Speed Bumps

Shows how the vehichle tyres grips on the Dura-Bumps Speed Bumps

The vehicles tyres grips on the Dura-Bump and ensures that it does not slip.

The advantages of our speed bumps over speed humps and other types of speed bumps are self- evident as can be noted by the following:

  • They are designed to cover all situations where traffic calming is required. These include public roads that carry substantial traffic and heavy vehicles, lower grade residential roads, gated complexes, parking areas, business parks and narrow roads where pedestrians often cross.
  • The Dura-Bump speed bump is unique in that it is designed for G3 roads that carry heavy vehicles. It reduces speed limits effectively and has a vast impact on the reduction of road accidents.
  • Due to its makeup and gripping properties, it has a zero-slip feature. This makes it safe for all weather conditions. Be it wet, stormy, misty or extremely hot or cold.
  • Dura-Bump Speed Bumps are aesthetically pleasing and an effective way to slow traffic down significantly. By doing so, it contributes to a safer community and reduces the noise levels normally associated with tar speed humps and metal speed bumps.
  • Dura-Bump is an approved replacement for tar humps. It has no impact on vehicle wheel alignment and is safe enough to drive over with low profile tyres, heavy vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles, in all weather conditions.
  • It is cost effective in that the price of installing one tar hump equals three complete Dura-Bump installations. Installation time is also dramatically reduced, thus the added benefits of much reduced effort.
  • Dura-Bump can be installed on any solid surface, including tar, paving, cobble stones and even damaged surfaces by means of the revolutionary Dura-Epoxy, eliminating the problematic bolted system.
  • The Dura-Epoxy bonds to any surface and the setting time is an amazing 40-60 seconds, regardless of weather conditions. In other words, even on a humid and extremely hot day the product will remain stable. It can withstand intense heat and pressure.
  • Dura-Bump improves and replaces all bolted/common road epoxy systems. It ensures peace of mind for municipalities and private institutions, thus reducing complaints and significant damage to vehicles. This reduces the workload of office staff that don’t have to deal with complaints all day long. Dura-Bumps are maintenance free with yellow pigment and glow beads throughout the bump and therefore requires no painting. Poorly visible bumps or humps are unlawful. Traditional road humps must be repainted on a regular basis. The expensive road paint has a notoriously low adhesion to paving and concrete surfaces and because of the dusty conditions in South Africa the paint grinds down and fades quickly. Repainting occupies a lot of maintenance time and causes major traffic disruptions. Dura-Bump increases productivity and lowers overall costs, which is absolutely necessary in the current climate of a cash strapped country and its provinces and municipalities.

Interesting Facts

Dura_Bump Speed Bumps used at a stop street for effective traffic control

The effective use of Dura-Bump Speed Bumps at a stop street.

It takes longer to repaint a road hump than to install an entire line of Dura-Bumps. Road paint in townships and smaller towns wear down quicker than in cities because of dust.

The bright yellow colour of our speed bumps make them highly visible day and night. Many speed humps are just not clearly visible any more. Even though intentions may be good and future maintenance planned, changes in future cash strapped budgets may leave these humps in such conditions where they are illegal and cause far more damage than good!

Our speed bumps can be effectively employed as traffic calming devices at stop streets. They are clearly visible and alert the driver to slow down. Often the painted stop street markings are long gone, but the speed bumps will still be there. This in conjunction with the stop sign alerts the driver to slow down.

Dura-Bump Installation Procedure

Speed Bump installation in progress at a pedestrian crossing

Dura-Bump Speed Bumps are easy to install and cause minimal traffic interruption.

The Yellow Dura-Bump Speed Bump is highly visible especially at night. Our Speed Bumps needn’t be illuminated by street lights at night, as vehicle headlights are quite sufficient. Dura-Bump Speed Bumps are installed in a staggered formation. The staggered arrangement ensures effective water flow during heavy rain. Water doesn’t collect at our speed bumps, as is the case with tar humps. The placement of tar humps near storm water drains should therefore be limited, which is currently not the case. Water collection in front of these road humps often creates further problems such as:

  • Limiting the visibility of the speed hump.
  • Vehicles losing control, especially front wheel drives.
  • Creating pot holes.

The installation process of Dura-Bump Speed Bumps is quick and easy with the help of our Dura-Epoxy and can be done with minimal traffic disruption. The Epoxy that we use to bond the Dura-Bump street bump to the surface, becomes a unit with the surface that it bonds to. This ensures that our bump will never come loose from the surface.

Job Creation Initiative

As a community service initiative, Dura-bump runs a successful job creation and training programme. Local workforce is recruited for the implementation and installation of our speed bumps.