What are the installation costs?

Usually a site inspection will be done in order to determine how many bumps would be needed to quote accordingly. If required we will assist with a rough quotation once we have been provided the width measurements of the area’s you want would like Dura-Bumps installed.

Can internal teams be trained to install Dura-Bump speed bumps?

Yes, they can be with the first staggered line. A minimal cost is involved based on the size of the site.

Do you supply and install cat eye reflectors?

Yes we do. Cost is worked out depending on the length of the staggered line installed.

Do you provide and install relevant & safety signs?

Signage boards are set up during the installation to ensure safe. Cost varies from site to site.

Where would I be able to install the Dura-Bump?

The installation can be done on the following surfaces:
Cobble stone
Uneven Surfaces

What is the impact on car’s wheel alignment?

The proprietary Polyurethane Epoxy blend supports suspension and absorbs impact easily and safely.

Are these bumps visible from a distance? If so, what would this distance be?

Glow Beats are mixed into the Yellow Dura-Bump compound. This ensure a save enough visibility when the vehicles lights shine onto the Dura-Bump.

Are Dura-Bumps slippery when wet?

Not at all. It has a polyurethane mix with rubber that is non-slip when wet.

How does Dura-Bump compare to metal bumps?

Metal bumps have low grip for rubber tyres, which can make them dangerous and slippery when wet, with sudden wheel changes that feels like you have little control over the steering, almost as the wheel wants to jerk free, creating a squeaky noise pollution and possible damage. Dura-Bump® offers a great grip for rubber tyres, hence there is almost no slippage for cars or bikes or noise pollution.

What is the life expectancy of an installed bump?

You will be able to get years of service out of the installed Dura-Bump® without continual maintenance.