21st Nov 2016
Dura-Bump speed bumps installed across public road
Dura-Bump Speed Bumps
21st Nov 2016

Dura-Bollard: An Eco-Friendly Rubber Bollard

Dura-Bollards manufactured in factory

Bollards being manufactured at our factory in Cape Town

The Dura-Bollard is the only tyre recycled bollard manufactured in South Africa. Our rubber bollards are made from infused recycled tyre rubber that is casted in a cylinder shape and is encapsulated with a flexible durable UV protected epoxy paint. Dura-Bollards are therefore Eco Friendly, extremely strong, flexible and weather resistant.

Highly Visible Bollards

The Dura-Bollard comes in yellow, grey, or white. Epoxy paint and reflective tape can be attached to improve the visibility of the Dura-Bollard.

Easy Bollard Installation

Yellow Bollards installed on the pavement in front of a business

Our Yellow Bollards installed on the pavement in front of a business in Cape Town

Our Dura-Bollard is much easier to install than the old traditional cement bollard. The Bollard installation can be done on a wide variety of surfaces like tar, cobblestone, brick and paved surfaces. The Dura-Bollard is lightweight and therefore easier to handle. It can be attached to the tar surface in less than 15 minutes using only our Dura Epoxy ST100.

If the Dura-Bollard needs to be embedded into the ground surface, this can be done. An additional extension pole would be epoxied into a specially designed cavity underneath the Dura-Bollard, and the extension pole can then be cemented into the ground surface to secure the installation.

Flexible Bollards: Safe Traffic Control Solution

The Dura-Bollard is an extremely safe traffic calming solution. Due to its construction from tyre rubber it is flexible, but also resilient. It will bend on impact but keep its shape and return to its original position after impact. The Dura-Bollard can withstand lighter impacts and will collapse at the base of the bollard when the bollard is impacted at high speed. This feature makes the Dura-Bollard a very safe solution, because it has less impact on the passengers of a vehicle than conventional concrete bollards, in the event of an accident.

Rubber Bollards vs Cement and Steel Bollards

Steel Bollards are often used as security bollards to protect premises and pedestrians from vehicles crashing into them and causing serious injury, death or damage to property. These steel bollards are not flexible and will often bend or break on impact. Replacing these static bollards is costly and takes time and effort. The concrete bollard also tends to get damaged where the impact happens and renders the bollard unusable, just as with the steel bollards. High speed impact with a steel or cement bollard can cause serious damage to the bollard and vehicle. It can lead to serious injury to driver and passengers as well. Dura-Bollard's bending ability on impact ensures less damage on bollards and vehicles alike. The fact that the Bollard breaks off at the base and are not destroyed like cement bollards makes it easy to just replace the base and reuse them.

Traffic Control Bollards

flexible parking bollards

Dura-Bollards are resilient and bend when a vehicle push against them.

Residential Bollards installed to block entry to this residential road

Our Bollards are often used to block vehicles from entering a specific area like a residential road for instance

The Dura-Bollard is designed to be used by municipalities in residential traffic control and road safety. It is approved by many municipalities across South Africa for use as residential Bollards. Bollards can be very effectively used to control traffic intake size by limiting movements, or to control traffic speed by narrowing the available space. The Dura-Bollard can be used as pedestrian bollards by blocking vehicles from entering pedestrian zones or car-free areas. They are effectively used in City Centres where there are large spaces or thoroughfares where pedestrians move. The Bollards can be spaced just far apart to let bicycles and special-purpose vehicles through, but block other vehicles. Dura-Bollards can therefore also be used to block of entrance to any public road. The Dura-Bollard can also be effectively used as pavement bollards to prevent parking on pavements. Pavement parking can create hazards for visually impaired, disabled and elderly people or parents with prams. It can also cause damage to pavements. Repairing such damage can be costly and local authorities may face claims for compensation for injuries received resulting from damaged or defective pavements. Our road bollards can also be used very effectively on highway exits to control traffic.

Flexible Parking Bollards

Dura-Bollards are flexible rubber parking bollards. The flexibility of the Bollard ensures that a vehicle can park against the bollard and not damage the installed bollard or vehicle. The reason for this feature is the recycled rubber compound the bollard is made off. It allows for the bollard to bend at least 30% before it will collapse at the base of the bollard. Our parking space bollards can be used to protect parked vehicles and reserve parking. Dura-Bump Bollards are rubber bollards and therefore an excellent choice to demarcate out of bound areas or creating lanes in several different environments. These include parking spaces, warehouses and even colleges and schools. Dura-Bump can act as parking security bollards by creating lanes between cars or heavy goods vehicles. They can be used in a warehouse to protect workers and infrastructure from damage or injury by forklifts.

Uses of Dura-Bollards

Dura-Bollards are ideal for use at Hotels, V.I.P parking areas, Loading zones, Disabled parking areas, Stadiums and Conference Venues. They are also used for the controlling and directing of road traffic..